How To Use SC Wildlife Report

Welcome! This citizen science web tool is designed to enable landowners in South Carolina to report sightings of endangered or invasive species on their property with the purpose of providing valuable data to environmental agencies and the public.

With this tool, users may utilize the following functionalities:
1. Pan and zoom on the map of South Carolina and change base maps,
2. Retrieve reports by clicking on a point (flower, animal print, or plant icon) on the map,
3. Generate a report by clicking the "Make a Report Button"; users may upload images of their sighting. To add the location users may click on the map to autofill a location, or they may search for a specific location using the search feature located on the map,
4. Query Reports to display only report type or species type selected by using the "Query Reports" button,
5. Report issues with this web application by clicking the "Report an Issue" button,
6. Download report data on ArcGIS Online in various data formats

NOTE: To download the report data from ArcGIS Online, users must have an AGOL account.

Resources regarding species identification and other helpful materials can be accessed under the "Resources" tab.

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